Artist Bio
Debbie Haggman
I took my first watercolor class in 1986 and from then on my visual world was transformed. The world no longer contained rocks and trees but combinations of burnt sienna and Antwerp blue. Although I didnít have time to paint as much as I wanted to then, I never looked at the world in the same way and always knew painting would be an important part of my life.

I was born in British Columbia and lived in different parts of Canada until moving to the Renton area in 2000. Since then I have renewed my interest in painting within the supportive community of the Northwest Watercolor Society and the encouraging, artistic group at the former Flamingo Frame and Gallery.

I am a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society. I am past Workshop Chair, Membership Chair, Historian, Webmaster and currently Database Administrator of NWWS. I taught watercolor classes for the Renton Senior Center and currently teach at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, WA.